Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Good Practices When Preparing for Divorce

When couples have reached the point of a divorce, separation for an extended period of time has come and gone. All the resources available to couples in a troubled marriage should have been used, including seeking the advice of a marriage counselor.

Before a divorce proceeding takes place, property division is a necessity. Usually when a couple goes through a separation period, the property has either been discussed or divided between the two spouses. In the cases where children are involved, separation requires soon-to-be divorced parents to discuss with their children where they should live and what the custody and visitation rights could be after the divorce settlement. When all the decisions that can be made during a separation are concluded, then it is time to consult a law firm in the state your reside, for instance a Houston Family Law Attorney in Texas .

A period of separation can be used to resolve any financial matters before going ahead with a divorce. You need to do this because, if your ex-spouse defaults on any financial obligations in the future, you need to protect yourself against their creditors. When producing your finances to the attorney, make a list of all assets and liabilities that are currently held. All joint accounts should be transferred into your name only; this includes credit cards also.

When a couple seeks a divorce, separation requires them to begin the process of dividing up their lives as husband and wife. It can be difficult to figure out who will take particular pieces of property or who will reside in the marital residence. What can be more harrowing is involving children in the process of custody and visitation. No matter how one looks at the matter, separation can be as daunting a task as the entire divorce process. Sphere: Related Content