Monday, December 14, 2009

Mediation as an Alternative When Filing Divorce

A divorce usually takes place between a husband and wife over some misunderstandings, extra marital affairs or just because they can't tolerate each other. Sometimes, the divorce proceedings take months where there is lots of emotional and psychological pain the family has to face. And to top it off, there is the high financial costs for the divorce to take place. The lawyers charge high fees, and the never ending process of divorce denotes the excess need of lawyers for a longer time.

However, if and when the parties are ready to negotiate with the legal proceedings, they don't have to suffer a painful process in the divorce. There is a less painful and less expensive option to the court proceedings. And this alternative is called mediation and is a more civil and less emotional process to reach a divorce settlement.

In divorce mediation, both the parties undergo a legal process, like all other divorce cases. However, the difference here is that there is a trained and impartial third party, San Diego divorce attorney, who offers his or her services in the form of advice and assistance so that they can help the couple reach a mutual understanding. This does not mean that the two parties forsake the services of their divorce lawyers. They still do need the help of their respective lawyers through whom they are informed of all the specific legal procedures. This way there is no chance of any misunderstanding occurring; and with this, there is a better chance of reaching a mutual agreement with the help of mediation. Divorce mediation is actually a better choice for a couple seeking divorce as the stress and the cost that is involved in legal battles are avoided by the couple. Sphere: Related Content