Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Utah Short Sales

According to RealtyTrac 3 million U.S. homes will be repossessed by lenders this year due to unemployment and depressed home values. In today's economic climate—you cannot keep up with your mortgage payments or need to move for some other reason, and you still owe more on your home than its current valuation, you may want to consider a Utah short sale. A short sale occurs when you sell your home for less than the total amount owed on all mortgages, and the mortgage holders agree to accept the sales proceeds and write off the remaining debt.
A Utah short sale may be right for you when:

  • Your home was overpriced when you originally purchased it

  • You have little or no equity in your house

  • Housing prices have dropped sharply since the home was purchased

  • You have to sell quickly and receive only low offers

  • You are threatened with foreclosure

Advantages of Short Sales in Utah
A portion of your debt is forgiven and you avoid foreclosure with short sale. Compared to a foreclosure, which remains on your record for many years, a short sale does less damage to your credit. But if you were late or missed mortgage payments, those will still appear as negative events on your credit report.

Home buyers who purchase Utah foreclosures listings or short sales have the advantage of getting property at discounted prices. However, when housing prices decline—as has recently been the case here in Utah and around the nation—or home sales are slow in the neighborhood, buyers may have to wait several years before they can realize gains on their investments.
Although lenders lose money when agreeing to a Utah short sale, they are more likely to approve the sale if foreclosure proceedings would be more expensive than the forgiven debt. Foreclosure proceedings give lenders full ownership of a property, and most lenders do not want to own Utah foreclosure homes. They would prefer to forgive debt rather than pay maintenance and real estate agent fees while trying to sell Utah foreclosure homes themselves.

It is important to consult with an attorney or financial advisor to guide you through a Utah short sale in order to make the right decisions.

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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Traumatic Brain Injury Treatment & Rehabilitation

Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) Treatment & Rehabilitation

Treatment for a catastrophic head injury begins with emergency care at the scene of the accident. Once vital functions such as breathing, pulse, and blood pressure have been stabilized, initial tests will be performed, such as x-rays and CT scans, to determine the full extent of the injury to the brain. The patient will then typically receive intensive care or surgery designed to repair damage and minimize the likelihood of further harm occurring. Neurologic and physical therapy will likely follow, not only to stimulate nerve and brain function, but also to keep the body from deteriorating due to prolonged inactivity during treatment.

The goal of rehabilitation is to restore as much function as possible. For a victim suffering from a traumatic brain injury, this will generally include recovering motor and cognitive function, as well as learning new ways to perform daily tasks. Rehabilitation will likely be overseen by a physiatrist specializing in rehab, diagnosis, and treatment of pain related to TBI. Most often, the TBI victim will then receive extensive physical and occupational therapy, in addition to psychological and speech therapy.

A study by the National Institutes of Health found that 85% of brain injury patients do not receive any treatment or counseling concerning the long term difficulties caused by brain injury. Living with a brain injury can change your life. If you have been injured in an accident due to negligence that resulted in TBI then finding an experienced Seattle brain injury lawyer is important. Rehabilitation is expensive and time consuming and it is important to ensure you have proper care for the rest of your life.

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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

How To Prepare For A Green Card Interview

If you apply for a green card as the spouse or fiancé of a U.S. citizen or green card holder, the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS) will require you to attend a green card interview to assess the validity of your marriage.

If you and your spouse show up to the interview prepared—and especially if you practiced—you will likely walk out of the USCIS office with a green card stamped in your passport. If not, however, you may face excessive delay, as the USCIS waits for and processes documents you should have brought with you the first time. You may also face the possibility of a second, more rigorous fraud interview.

Get your documentation together
Do not leave any paperwork behind! The USCIS views this interview as a chance to ensure that you did not get married solely for the purpose of obtaining a green card. So, in addition to the usual identification and immigration paperwork, you should bring any documents that provide evidence that your marriage is legitimate. These should include the following:

· The passport, visa, entry record, and birth certificate of the foreign spouse (with certified translation, if not in English)
· The passport and birth certificate (translated, if necessary) of the U.S. citizen or green card holder.
· Your marriage certificate, including records of any prior marriages and divorces
· Birth certificates of any minor children, regardless of whether they are from your current marriage or a previous relationship
· Anything that shows that you married for reasons other than obtaining a U.S. green card, including: photographs of the happy couple, records of joint accounts and joint ownership, joint utility and other bills, wedding photographs/invitations/guestbooks, or any other records that show the legitimacy of your marriage

Prepare for questions about your relationship and each other
As part of its goal of ensuring it only issues marriage-based green cards to spouses in legitimate relationships, USCIS officers conducting green card interviews ask many detailed, personal questions. Even though you married for love, you and your spouse may remember certain important events in your relationship differently. Take some time before the interview to review your story, so you know the following:

· Where and when your spouse or fiancĂ© was born
· Where and when you first met
· Who proposed to whom, and under what circumstances
· How many people attended the wedding
· When and where the wedding was held

Furthermore, many officers ask for small details about day-to-day matters, which both of you should be able to answer accurately, such as the following:

· What brand toothpaste do you use?
· Does your spouse have any birthmarks?
· Who usually does the dishes or takes out the trash?
· Who pays the bills?
· Who shops for groceries?
· What time do you usually go to bed and get up in the morning?

Although not required, you may bring an immigration lawyer in NYC to your interview. And, even if you choose not to ask an attorney to attend the interview with you, a seasoned immigration lawyer can help you prepare for the green card interview—and pass it—the first time around.
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Friday, August 12, 2011

2 Types of Salt Lake City Bankruptcy

The Utah Foundation performed a comparison to the nation in terms of its consumption expenditures and growth in debt levels. The goal of the analysis was to provide insight into the financial stability of Utah households and how financially prepared they are for the economic recession. Based on the results Utah does not appear to be worse than the rest of the nation in terms of household debt loads; however, Utah did follow the same trend of accumulating significant debts during the recent economic expansion and housing bubble, which creates vulnerability during this economic recession.

Filing for bankruptcy is a daunting process. Obtaining the right advice from an experienced Salt Lake City bankruptcy attorney is important to your financial future. Two types of bankruptcy you can file for are:

  • Chapter 7
  • Chapter 13

Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 both offer benefits to the overburdened consumer; however the proceedings differ in many ways, beginning with eligibility.

Chapter 7 is usually only available to people who have very little or no disposable income, and thus, cannot afford to repay their debts. For people who can afford to pay something to their creditors, as opposed to nothing as in a Chapter 7, Chapter 13 may provide the necessary relief.

Filers under Chapter 13 are entitled to "Individual Debt Adjustment," which is essentially a repayment plan. With the repayment plan, unsecured debt is not discharged as with Chapter 7,
but a Chapter 13 debtor only needs to pay unsecured creditors what he or she can afford to pay.

Always do your research and seek an experienced lawyer if you are thinking about filing for bankruptcy in Salt Lake City

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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Common Causes of Virginia Auto Accidents

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports motor vehicle accidents are the leading cause of death for people aged five to thirty-four in the United States. Car accidents, and the injuries that result, can change your life forever.

Factors in Virginia auto accidents

Aggressive driving: As traffic volumes increase, so does agitation with traffic delays and perceived driving slights. While road rage is considered a criminal offense, the Virginia legislature has defined aggressive driving as operating a motor vehicle with intent to harass, obstruct, or injure another party through failure to comply with safe driving regulations. Loss of temper on the road can easily lead to loss of life. A skilled car accident lawyer can help you gain justice and fair compensation, if you or someone you love suffers injury through the negligent actions of an aggressive driver.

Weather: Inclement weather can quickly turn a routine trip to work, school, or the store dangerous. Road surfaces affected by rain, ice, and snow are responsible for serious accidents throughout areas like Prince William County. In a storm, both road traction and visibility decrease, increasing the likelihood of serious automobile accident for even the safest drivers.

Distracted driving: Driving while distracted by a telephone conversation, texting, or even changing the station on the radio can cause devastating—and sometimes fatal—accidents. The operation of a motor vehicle involves hand, eye, body, and mental coordination. Loss of attention can quickly cause a car accident. According to a study by the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute, 80 percent of collisions involve an episode of distracted driving within three seconds prior to impact. Driver inattention is a leading cause of car accident and injury in our state according to the Virginia non-profit group DRIVE SMART.

Prince County auto accident lawyer Kevin Childers always recommending being aware while driving.

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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Seattle Spinal Cord Injuries

The spinal cord is a carrier for nerve signals sent by the brain to all other parts of the body. Although referred to as a "cord," it is actually a thick bundle of nerves protected by the thirty-three bones (called vertebrae) that make up the spine. The vertebrae are divided into three groups. The upper vertebrae are known as cervical; the middle thoracic; and the lower, lumbar.
Accidents such as car crashes or slips and falls can put a tremendous strain on the back and spinal column, causing injuries ranging from basic whiplash or a herniated disc to permanent paralysis. These injuries can have long-lasting effects for the victim, causing even daily tasks to become terribly painful. In addition, whether your injury has sent you to a chiropractor, acupuncturist, physical therapist, or a residential rehabilitation center, back injuries can result in extensive medical and other costs.

In the event the spinal cord has been damaged or severed, communication between the brain and body is cut off. The victim will likely suffer from some degree of paralysis - numbness, loss of feeling, and loss of motor control - below the afflicted area. A victim could potentially suffer from paraplegia, which involves paralysis of the lower limbs, or quadriplegia, paralysis of all four limbs. The physical effects of these conditions can include numbness; intense or radiating pain; loss of grip strength; loss of sensation; difficulty breathing; impaired muscle movement; or total loss of muscle movement. Other associated effects include chronic pain as well as the need for long-term physical therapy, medical treatment, personal care, and at-home assistance.

It is important to get proper representation from a Seattle spinal injury attorney if you have been injured in an accident due to negligence. Sphere: Related Content

Filing for a Raleigh Divorce

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, couples in North Carolina filed for 36,708 divorces in the year 2009, an increase from the 35,618 divorces that occurred in 2008. There are several ways to categorize divorce in North Carolina, including the following:

Absolute divorce - An absolute divorce is a relatively fast way to dissolve a marriage without making any decisions regarding property division, child custody, or alimony. In order to obtain an absolute divorce, the two spouses must separate for 12 months.

Divorce from bed and board - This term refers to a legally enforced separation which is considered neither no-fault nor a divorce. The petitioner for this type of separation must prove at least one of six grounds for fault, such as adultery or cruelty. In this situation, the courts can force the at-fault spouse to move out of a shared residence.

Uncontested divorce - An uncontested divorce means that both spouses have agreed in advance on all of the issues involved in the divorce, such as child custody and division of property. It is always advisable to consult with qualified Raleigh divorce attorneys before signing divorce papers, even if you remain on friendly terms with your spouse.

Contested divorce - In this situation, a divorcing couple cannot reach an agreement on all issues involved in the divorce. A contested divorce requires presentation of evidence and testimony, as a way to determine a final settlement. A Raleigh divorce lawyer represents you in litigation, collects evidence, and identifies useful witnesses.

Divorce can be an emotional and difficult time. Make sure you get proper representation and look for an experienced Raleigh divorce lawyer.

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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Causes of New York Motorcycle Accidents

According to the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles in 2009 there were 5150 accidents involving a motorcycle. As with all roadway accidents, many factors can contribute to collisions involving motorcycles. One common cause is motorists who do not see motorcyclists, and cut them off or run into them.

Speed is also a common factor, with the likelihood of injuries increasing at higher rates of speed. Motorcyclists traveling too fast and losing control can lead to deadly accidents, as can other motorists speeding and being unable to avoid hitting motorcyclists.

Unsafe speed was a factor in 16 percent of 2009 New York motorcycle accidents, while failure to yield right-of-way was a factor in 16.1 percent of accidents. Driver inattention or distraction is another common cause, and was found to be a factor in 14.4 percent of New York motorcycle accidents in 2009. Poor road conditions, adverse weather, and poor visibility are also frequent contributing factors to motorcycle accidents.

Many of the factors that lead to accidents involve negligence on the part of one or more operators. A knowledgeable New York motorcycle accident attorney can help evaluate whether negligence played a role in an accident. Remember safety comes first and always wear a helmet on a motorcycle ride.

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Monday, August 1, 2011

New York City Car Accident Lawyer Discusses Taxi Cab Accidents

Everyone has had one of those completely miserable taxi trips: the driver appears to be in the middle of a very emotional discussion with his ex-wife, yelling into his Bluetooth while taking a left turn from the right line without bothering to signal, flooring it at every green or yellow light, and slamming on the brakes when he clearly won’t make it without running the red. Or he rushes across Sixth Avenue trying to go crosstown but gets stuck blocking the box in the middle of the intersection, leaving you—the innocent passenger—feeling very vulnerable to all the honking, angry drivers who have to merge to get around you once they have the light.

Most New Yorkers who take taxis have accustomed themselves to wild rides and seemingly risky driving techniques. But nobody becomes accustomed to accidents or injuries related to taxi and livery cabs.The statistics—not as bad as you might expectAccording to the most recent statistical survey, taxis in New York City are actually involved in fewer accidents per million miles travelled than other types of vehicles. Taxi passengers were also less likely to be injured in an accident than passengers in other vehicles, but more likely to suffer serious injury or fatality if injured at all, a fact attributed at least in part to their reluctance to wear seatbelts.

What to do if involved in a taxi accident

Taxi customers are not the only ones at risk in a taxi accident. Passengers of other vehicles, pedestrians, and especially bicyclists also risk injury. No matter what your role in a taxi accident—passenger, pedestrian, or bicyclist—you should take the following steps, if able, before leaving the scene of the accident:

• Make sure you have the name, license number, and T&LC driver number of the taxi driver

• Record the license plate and medallion number of the taxi

• Get the names and contact information of any witnesses

• Find out the name of the company from which the driver rents his or her cab

• If possible, take pictures of the accident scene

Contact a NYC car accident lawyer Hach & Rose, Attorneys at Law if you have been involved in a taxi accident. The firm has successfully represented hundreds of plaintiffs who suffered injuries in taxi cab accidents. They have a proven track record of obtaining high settlements and judgments for injury and accident victims. If you or a loved one requires the services of a New York City personal injury attorney with experience dealing with cab companies and their insurers, contact Hach & Rose today to set up a free initial consultation.

Hach & Rose Attorneys At Law 185 Madison Avenue14th Floor New York, N.Y. 10016 (212) 779-0057

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