Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Fighting a DUI Charge in Florida

After being charged with a DUI the first step to resolve the conflict is to create a DUI defense. So in order to do so, you must find Jacksonville DUI lawyers who will then explain to you the DUI law. This is especially important for you to understand the DUI law yourself and not only your lawyer. Having a defense lawyer therefore is an advantage because he or she may very easily explain to you what the steps to the legal process are and how you should counter attack your charge.

By understanding and knowing about DUI law and having found an lawyer, the next step is if necessary attend your scheduled court date. Now in contrast to popular belief, a DUI charge could be acquitted due to invalid procedure. What does this mean? Well during the field sobriety test which was done when the officer pulled you over, may have been done incorrectly. This results in the whole charge being thrown out and having all charges brought open the defense dismissed.

Because of this percentage of high cases which have had improper or invalid procedure while conducting routine field sobriety tests, has cause many cases to be thrown out, there has been an incremental need to find a talented Florida lawyer which will represent you to the fullest. Nevertheless, there is always hope in order to have your DUI charge dismissed, if you need to learn about DUI law find a DUI lawyer. Sphere: Related Content