Wednesday, September 30, 2009

What to Bring when you Meet an Accident Attorney

When you meet with the attorney for the initial consultation of your NYC accident injury case it is important that you come prepared. If you are proactive and keep your attorney up to date, your NYC accident litigation will be less nerve-racking and meetings with your attorney will be more efficient. The following is a list of documents you should provide to your NYC accident attorney at your free initial consultation.

• Police reports
• Hospital bills
• All your files regarding the other party and any relating correspondence
• All insurance policies
• Documentation relating to any product at issue; like purchase orders or receipts
• Tax returns and financial statements
• Canceled checks and bills or invoices
• Files from previous litigation
• Files from previous attorneys

In NYC, it is important to be prepared to discuss your financial and personal circumstances with your attorney as they might affect the accident lawsuit. It is also important to stay in constant communication throughout the proceedings so that your attorney is apprised of your situation. In many cases a simple omission could make a significant impact to your accident case so be careful to follow the advice of doctors as well as your attorney and any authorities involved in your case.

This article was provided courtesy of the NYC accident lawyers at the Jacob Fuchsberg Law Firm. Sphere: Related Content