Monday, February 22, 2010

Causes Of Lung Cancer

When people think of lung cancer, they often associate it with cigarette smoking. Indeed, this is one of the leading causes of the disease. But it is not the only factor.

Too much exposure to asbestos has been cited as one crucial environmental factor causing lung cancer. Asbestos is a kind of mineral that is made up of bundled up fibers and naturally occurs in the environment. These fibers, when inhaled by a person exposed to them, can be trapped in one's lungs and accumulate until it causes an inflammation on the lungs. If you have been diagnosed with mesothelioma due to asbestos exposure, a lawyer, such as a Boston mesothelioma attorney may be able to help you get compensation.

Another crucial factor that could elicit the development of lung cancer is inhaling secondhand smoke. Although cigarette smoking can increase your chances of acquiring lung cancer, those who inhale it are at a higher risk. Secondhand smoke consists of two types of smoke: those that are produced by the burning of the tobacco product and those exhaled by the smoker.

Since it affects your respiratory system, common symptoms associated with lung cancer are related to such conditions affecting the respiratory illness.

It is a rare case for lung cancer to be diagnosed early, which is why awareness of the general facts on lung cancer is of extreme importance for early diagnosis. Sphere: Related Content