Friday, March 4, 2011

NJ Can Ticket You If You Don't Remove Snow From a Car

You never know what kind of winter March can bring. We can still have one more snow storm left for the season. I read a post on that's profound where Tom Shebell who is a NJ personal injury attorney reminds people of the NJ snow removal law. I thought it would be a good think to pass along. Police can ticket drivers of vehicles if snow is not removed from a vehicle after a snow storm in New Jersey. As of October 20, 2010 an amended law that went into effect requires motorists to make an effort to remove snow and ice from vehicles on New Jersey roads.

In previous years drivers in New Jersey only received tickets if there was damage or injuries as a result of snow debris from a car. The New Jersey Division of Highway Traffic Safety produced a card stating “ice and snow, remove it before you go. Pam Fisher is the State Highway Traffic Safety director says “ The few moments it takes to clear ice and snow from your vehicle could prevent a crash or save a life”. ”.

The fines for drivers can be from $25.00 - $75.00. Commercial motor vehicle drives face fines ranging from $500.00 to $1500.00 for each offense.

Hopefully we won't have any more snow but in case we do remember to clean if off so you don't receive a ticket. Sphere: Related Content