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Hard Facts about Car Accidents

Hard Facts about Car Accidents

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Crashes have already become part of our daily lives. It makes us tripped off our usual activities. It kills, injures, damages. Their horrible effect lingers in our mind however, we are not learning from it because according to statistics, car crashes are increasing wildly every year. Aside from recklessness and defective parts which are the common causes of accident before, deviant causes like drug and alcohol dependency are also apparent nowadays.

car crashes are soaring high. In fact, every year it continues to take lives, injure people and damage properties. Thus, there is an indispensable need for us to know the facts revolving car crashes to make sense of the damage that it has caused us and will probably cause us in the future.

With these statistics in mind it is important to find local Seattle personal injury attorneys that are familiar with Washington state and can provide the best legal guidance to win a lawsuit should you be injured or need reimbursement for medical expenses.

In the past, there have been few nightmares about car collision. One of which happened on 1896 where there was only four registered cars in the United States. Unfortunately, two of them collided with each other in St. Louis. In 1960, the world’s most solitary tree located in Tenere Desert, Central Africa was struck into by a truck.

As of 2003 there is a close to 7 million car crashes yearly. Out of which, there are 3.5 million injuries involved. There is also approximately $4,900 car accident crashes cost per second. It means to say that there is a car accident once or thrice every month. What is alarming is the fact that teenagers are 22 times more likely to speed up like a rocket compared to those persons 65 years or above. Another fact involves the statistics which shows that 1 out of 5 Americans are involved in an alcohol-related car crash. The most common day of accident was recorded to be Saturday and the second was Sunday.

In connection with the future, it is expected that in the year 2025 there will be an elderly population (70 years or older) of 33 million. The current population is predicted to grow 2.5 as fast as the overall population. This will definitely result to a greater percentage of crashes which is either ‘turning left’ or ‘rear end. Thus, it is expected that the elderly population will encounter an increasing accident ratio. Also in this year, the cost of car crashes in the US will increase up to 450 billion dollars.

Drivers, though familiar with these facts are still oblivious of their duty to safeguard theirs and their passenger’s protection. Speeding off and non-usage of seatbelts are some of the causes of terrible collision, where the victims will need to hire a Seattle auto accident attorney to find any sense of justice. A number of collisions can be prevented if and only if, drivers are following the rules of thumb of driving. That alone can save many lives and properties. Sphere: Related Content


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