Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Understanding Construction Accident Liability and Your Rights

Everyday, workers in construction sites are being exposed to several different dangerous situations and conditions. Construction workers face great risks of sustaining personal injury in the course of their job as compared to other American employees employed in other industries.

Common kinds of accidents met by workers in the construction sites:

- accidents during scaffolding
- falls from roofs or ladders
- defective equipment/machines – example is failure of lifting equipment
- forklift truck accidents
- unsafe safety harnesses
- compressed gases accidents
- fires
- explosions
- electrocution
- serious cuts
- welding accidents
- trench collapses
- crane accidents
- power tool accidents
- holes in flooring

These are several examples of the myriad things that could go awry in a construction work site. Construction workers have six times more risks in being killed due to the hazardous circumstances in their work site than other employees with other occupations and work site.

If you are among the construction workers who sustained a personal injury as a result of any construction accident, here are the things you should do!

• write down in a journal the events that happened leading to your accident and the important details about it:

- location of the accident
- the weather condition
- the equipment or material you are using that may have caused your injuries
- the people near you during the time of the accident
- the things they did and you did as soon as the accident occurred
- the malfunction of the equipment if you believe so

• Write down other aspect of the incident you believe is essential. Your lawyer will request this written narrative later on.

• Find an experienced lawyer with specialized knowledge in construction accident injury cases. Claims and lawsuits involving construction accidents are sometimes very complex. Thus, finding a knowledgeable lawyer in the particular laws and statutes governing the construction site where you were injured must be your top priority.

Identifying liability for construction accident injuries

Many people and entity may be considered at fault for construction accidents. Complete account of the circumstances surrounding the accident and thorough investigation is needed to come up with the ones who may be at fault and therefore liable to pay for damages caused by the accident.

- property owner or general contractor of the construction site
- sub contractors

• these are the persons or entities that can be liable in case the unsafe work condition and work site is the primary cause of the injuries you sustained

• Likewise, they may also be liable for having provided you with unsafe equipment or materials you used that caused your injury. Otherwise, the product manufacturer, distributor or seller can be held accountable for these kinds of accidents, too. Sphere: Related Content


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