Tuesday, February 15, 2011

NC car accident attorney

In 2006, there were 220,224 reported crashes throughout the state of North Carolina. These collisions resulted in 119,955 automobile accident injuries and 1,555 fatalities. These accidents cost individuals and insurance companies millions of dollars every year.

The North Carolina Department of Transportation Division of Motor Vehicles documents and reports on motor vehicle accidents every year. According to the NCDOT, a motor vehicle crash is any event that results in death, injury, or property damage attributable directly to a motor vehicle or its load in transport but not involving aircraft or watercraft.

Herbert W. Auger, Esq., started as an attorney with a large law firm that represented personal injury victims of auto, bus and trucking accidents. He left that practice—an aggressive role in New York City—to focus on his own law firm. Mr. Auger started his private practice in 1990. Attorney Arlene P. Auger joined the firm in 1995.

The Law Firm of Auger & Auger has 3 locations throughout Charlotte, North Carolina. Mr. Auger a Charlotte auto accident lawyer believes in aggressive, high-impact representation for auto accident victims and manages his law firm so that he can get the highest awards for his clients possible. Contact Auger & Auger to obtain proper compensation for all personal injury cases.

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