Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Causes of New York Motorcycle Accidents

According to the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles in 2009 there were 5150 accidents involving a motorcycle. As with all roadway accidents, many factors can contribute to collisions involving motorcycles. One common cause is motorists who do not see motorcyclists, and cut them off or run into them.

Speed is also a common factor, with the likelihood of injuries increasing at higher rates of speed. Motorcyclists traveling too fast and losing control can lead to deadly accidents, as can other motorists speeding and being unable to avoid hitting motorcyclists.

Unsafe speed was a factor in 16 percent of 2009 New York motorcycle accidents, while failure to yield right-of-way was a factor in 16.1 percent of accidents. Driver inattention or distraction is another common cause, and was found to be a factor in 14.4 percent of New York motorcycle accidents in 2009. Poor road conditions, adverse weather, and poor visibility are also frequent contributing factors to motorcycle accidents.

Many of the factors that lead to accidents involve negligence on the part of one or more operators. A knowledgeable New York motorcycle accident attorney can help evaluate whether negligence played a role in an accident. Remember safety comes first and always wear a helmet on a motorcycle ride.

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